About the Chef

Creating art through food has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy finding new flavors, and updating old ones. It’s exactly this that motivated me to launch Cannabis Catering Chicago.

Over 5 years of experience as the head chef of a member’s exclusive fine dining restaurant taught me that I could implement these same techniques with marijuana. That I could create flawless dishes, right at home with delicious cocktails that people wouldn’t have to leave their house for. I wanted to bring the upscale dining experience to the streets, dazzling my customers as I feed their mind and their body with my creations.

Cannabis Catering Chicago started off as a project to educate people on infusing food with marijuana. It was exciting to mix my two passions and create food that was not only delicious, but also provided a tolerable dose of herb. It’s my goal to show people that infusing food doesn’t have to be all candies and cookies, we can create real gourmet cuisine.

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